Electric Shock Prank video

Its awesome Prank video/prank game played by that guy he just show that he shock by electric current actually which was not really mean he just show by showing like that The guy was just fixing an electric board and after some min he shouted and on a side a guy who was with him Cry.Well this video is just for entertainment Nothing Much But I Just got Point from this video That " A Friend is Need is a Friend Indeed " But this Video is Just friendly just a friends made for fun nothing much buts its also a good idea about to make a funny video for enjoyment and Maybe that Guy feel something but its just a video after watching video a guy can guess what happen what is in this video This Video is just taken from facebook its not our copyright its a free source just give credit to the real author If you want to Download this Video just check source code and search for Iframe code and copy the link and open it in your browser and Download it with IDM Download funny videos,pranks videos.Must Watch it and Don't forget to share it with your friends

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